Tussen 10 en 12 (2014)

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Tussen 10 en 12又名Between 10 and 12

Between the hours of ten and twelve a piece of news stops a family in its tracks, while around them life goes on as before. Just another summer's day. But on this particular day a piece of news, delivered by two officers in a police car, changes the life of a family forever. As the journey processes, the vehicle becomes **** and **** crowded with family members, picked up from ...

发布于2014年。由Peter Hoogendoorn执导,并且由编剧Peter Hoogendoorn携幕后团队创作。集众多位雷蒙德·提哈瑞、Ko Zandvliet、Nasrdin Dchar、Cynthia Abma等著名实力派明星加盟。并于2014-09-02(威尼斯电影节)公映的电影。


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第71届威尼斯电影节:威尼斯经典奖 威尼斯日奖(提名)。

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  • 在鹿特丹电影节看的三部电影里最喜欢的一部